18th Annual Conference of ICSA; Iranian Curriculum Identity and Instruction in the Post-COVID 19 Era

18th Annual Conference Conferences

Iranian Curriculum Studies Association in collaboration with Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, is holding its 18th annual conference entitled “Iranian Curriculum Identity and Instruction in the Post-COVID 19 Era”. It should be noted that this conference will be held virtually on March 9 and 10 of 2022. The deadline for submitting detailed abstracts of articles is December 21, 2021. Additional information will be announced later.

Conference Topics

  1. The identity and nature of the curriculum in Iran in post-COVID 19 era
  2. Futurology in the field of curriculum and instruction in the post-corona era: (Developments in schools, universities, learner interaction, teacher and curriculum, teaching and learning process and evaluation; the role of families, media and social media in effective instruction)
  3. International experiences and implications for the future of the curriculum and instruction in educational system, higher educational system, technical and vocational education, skills training, in-service training in Iran in the post-COVID 19 era
  4. Lived experiences in various educational environments during the COVID 19 disease and implications for the future: (lived experiences of teachers, professors, students, principals, specialists, professors and curriculum experts and families)
  5. Theoretical and practical challenges and opportunities of virtual education: (challenge of deprived and underprivileged areas and educational justice, challenge of infrastructure, challenge of software and environments of virtual education such as SHAD program, challenge of teacher-learner interaction, challenge of practical courses, internship, courses skills, challenge of evaluation and exams in online classrooms, challenge of ethics in E-learning, challenge of hidden curriculum, challenge of unintended moral, social, cultural and political effects and consequences due to students’ widespread access to cyberspace, media ethics and media literacy and challenge of interaction in bilingual areas, and challenges and opportunities of private sector in education in the post- COVID 19 era, etc.)
  6. The position of the six educational fields based on Transformation Document in virtual education in the period of COVID 19 disease and implications for the future