Strategic Plan of ICSA


Based on the approval of the Association’s board of directors, the strategic plan of Iran’s curriculum studies association is to be prepared for a 10-year period consisting of two 5-year programs which will be executed after gaining the board of directors’ approval. In order to prepare the strategic plan, the formation of a committee of the association’s strategic plan was approved by the board of directors of the association. The framework of the association’s strategic plan was approved by the board of directors on 30/Nov/2005 after being discussed in the related committee. After the approval of strategic plan’s framework, the members of the planning committee prepared the draft of the strategic plan during several meetings.

In every phase of the strategic plan’s preparation, the related sources and documents were taken into consideration and after expert discussions in the committee of strategic planning; the prepared items were presented to the association’s board of directors and after discussing, considering, and approving in the meetings of the board of directors the next phases started. The final edition of the strategic plan of Iran’s Curriculum Studies Association is reviewed by the board of directors and after approval is to be executed.


Curriculum is one of the specialized domains of the education knowledge which addresses the theoretical and functional dimensions of designing, preparing, executing, and evaluating the occurrences that have central and key roles in the realization of learning ideals and goals of the educational systems in all dimensions.

Iran’s Curriculum Studies Association presents and prepares the strategic plan of the association in a 10-year period consisting of two 5-year programs in order to organize all future activities based on the determined outlook and goals, possibility of operational planning to realize the association’s goals, organizing members of the association and utilizing their scientific and expert capacities based on the plan, providing the possibility of expecting and optimum utilization of resources and facilities, and the possibility of evaluating the realization of goals and achievements of the association.

The process of preparing the strategic plan of ICSA

  • Approving the strategic plans of the association in the board of directors
  • Forming the planning committee
  • Attributive and library studies
  • preparing the outlook
  • Breaking down and analyzing the internal and external factors affecting the plan
  • Preparing the goals
  • Preparing the strategies


Iran’s Curriculum Studies Association is a national, nongovernmental, and nonprofit organization in the domain of specialized curriculum, consisting of curriculum experts and graduates who work on all formal and also informal education levels through cooperation and interaction with national, regional, and international groups and organizations and utilizing the last scientific and research results in order to develop the curriculum knowledge and its localization, improving the quality of policy making and educational process.


General Objectives

  1. Producing, localizing, and promoting the curriculum knowledge
  2. Improving the qualitative setting and learning process in Iran’s educational system
  3. Building the culture for production and application of curriculum based on FAVA in Iran’s educational system

Specific Objectives

  1. Developing the organizational interaction and cooperation on the national and international level
  2. Developing the quality of the specialized human resources
  3. Developing the specialized and scientific researches
  4. Developing the specialized and scientific trainings
  5. Producing specialized and scientific resources
  6. Cooperating in policy making and critiquing the process of educational system from curriculum viewpoint  

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