ICSA History

Overview: A Brief History

A cohort of curriculum scholars in Iran whose minds were occupied with concern of having a specialized scientific organization in curriculum field initiated the association. Following several meetings and discussion panels, the idea of forming an association for curriculum development realized in 2000. The first general assembly of the Association was formed in July 9th, 2000. In accordance with the statutes of the scientific associations, election was held for the first Board of Directors that were elected Dr. Hassan Maleki, Dr. Nader Ghoorchian, Dr. Nematollah Mosapour, and Dr. Hassan Mirlouhi. Thus, the association officially began its activities. As the experts in this field were waiting for establishment of such an association, it was well received and after the necessary discussions and exchange of views in the first meetings of the board of directors, a meeting was held with the presence of association’s members.

The next step was approval the mission statement and plans for I.C.S.A. with establishment of association, other people interested in the fields of curriculum and educational planning and trends related to the field of education announced their readiness for membership in various ways. So far (February 2003), 159 people have joined this scientific association which have a file and a membership card. Since then, several scientific meetings have been held as well as scientific symposiums on a monthly basis in order to enhance the professional knowledge of participants, which experts in the field of curriculum planning have been the speakers of these meetings. Also, the ICSA in order to expand and strengthen the science of curriculum in 2001 and 2002 held its annual conference under the titles of “Curriculum and Developing Thinking” and “Integrated Approach to Curriculum”, respectively. The third conference of the association held on March 6 and 7 with the subject of “Curriculum in the Age of Information and Communication Technology”. And now 18th Annual Conference of ICSA will be execute in 9 and 10 of March of 2022. Also the first issue of the curriculum newsletter has been designed and produced in order to inform the members of ICSA and other interested people.