ICSA Plans and Activities

In order to review and edit the second version of the strategic plan of the Iranian Curriculum Studies Association, the following actions were taken:

  1. Survey of association members: In order to pathology the performance of association and discover strengths and weaknesses of its strategic plan, a questionnaire consisting of 50 questions that was designed in line with the strategic goals of association was provided to members of association and they were asked while commenting on options for answering each question, provide additional comments below each question. The results were analyzed and exploited.
  2. Analyzing the annual plans of association and adapting it to Strategic Plan to determine the overlaps and gaps between short-term plans and strategic plan.
  3. Reviewing and using strategic plans of associations, scientific and cultural organizations, and Ministry of Science, scientific and specialized resources developed in this field.

The results of above actions were combined and the conclusions were used in formulation of strategic plan.

ICSA’s Scope of Activities

  1. Carrying out scholarly and  research at the national and international levels;
  2. Cooperation with executive, scholarly and research entities for assessment and revision of plans and programs related to training and research activities of the Association;
  3. Supporting and encouraging researchers and celebrating the achievements of laureate professors and experts;
  4. Providing training and research services, and planning and organizing scholarly conferences at the national, regional and international levels;
  5. Publishing scholarly books and journals.

ICSA’s Mission

  1. Elaborating on the status of curriculum studies;
  2. Addressing theoretical and practical problems and issues in curriculum studies;
  3. Carrying out pure and applied research in the field of curriculum studies;
  4. Establishing contacts with scholarly and educational centers for reinforcing and enhancing efficiency of Association;
  5. Clarifying the relationship between curriculum studies and ideological, intellectual, cultural and social characteristics of Iran;
  6. Contacting teachers of different disciplines to get better understanding of problems and needs of curriculum studies arena;
  7. Establishing relation with academic centers and research institutes inside and outside of Iran;
  8. Facilitating investigation on curricula;
  9. Paying attention to innovations and welcoming new ideas in curriculum studies;
  10. Introducing the field of curriculum studies to society.