ICSA Purpose and Vision

This Association was established to support enhancement of curriculum studies, to assist human resource development in related theoretical and practical fields, and to improve training and research in the field of curriculum studies in Iran. Also,

– Production and promotion of curriculum knowledge according to needs;

– Improving the quality of environment and learning performance in Iranian educational system;

– Creating a culture for the production and application of ICT-based curricula;

– Development of a professional monitoring system and evaluation of policies, programs and activities;

– Scientific and professional social development of curriculum specialists;

– Development of interaction and organizational cooperation in national and international level.

ICSA is a national, non-governmental and non-profit organization; and consists of curriculum specialists and graduates who works through national and global cooperation and interaction and use latest scientific, research and technological achievements to develop curriculum knowledge with a global perspective. Its localization, improving the quality of policy and performance, promoting scientific and professional status by adhering to professional ethics, and strives to achieve scientific authority in national and international levels.