International Relations Committee

Chairman: Dr. Soolmaz Nourabadi, Faculty Member of Shahed University


Scope of Activities of the International Relations Committee

  • Review the English page of ICSA’s site and update the information about members and specialists in curriculum, as well as information about committees, sigs, national and international conferences of association in the past and the future, and Iranian encyclopedia;
  • Translate the national documents of the country’s educational system, such as the National Curriculum Document, Transformation Document, etc., and put them on the English page;
  • Introducing the selected researches and honors of association members on the English page;
  • Provide a summary of Association’s study trips to foreign countries In English;
  • Holding internal specialized meetings related to International Committee’s activities in English for graduate students;
  • Establishing relations with successful countries in public and higher educational systems and preparing comparative and research projects;
  • Establishing a relationship with international institutes that have branches inside Iran, and running research and educational programs on mutually interested topics;
  • Introducing international scholarly activities in the field of curriculum studies, and also introducing ICSA to international research and academic circles;
  • Organizing international activities particularly regarding the annual conference of ICSA;
  • Establishing a relationship with the related international entities;
  • Organizing and introducing opportunities for participating in national and international events, introducing the training, research and other services provided by association to national and international audience;
  • Responding to national requirements by using international capacity in the field of curriculum studies.