Educational Neurology Studies Group 

Chairman: Dr. Ali Nouri, Faculty Member of Educational Sciences Department, Malayer University


Scope of Activities of Educational Neurology Studies Group 

  • Provide the ground for constructive and real interaction and participation between scientists and researchers interested in the link between neuroscience and education to take advantage of the potential implications of neuroscience in the curriculum and education
  • Compilation of published sources in the field of educational neurology and introducing them to the educational community of the country
  • Providing the context for establishing the field of educational neuroscience and integrating the basics of the cognitive nerve of education in the curricula of science, education and teacher training
  • Designing and conducting basic and applied research in order to understand the basics and principles of neuroscience, training and critical study of products produced in this field
  • Holding meetings, lectures and training courses; Familiarity with the principles and strategies of education arising from the principles of education neurology in teacher training centers, universities and schools in order to better understand the scientific principles of teaching art