Message from the President


In the name of God

In our country, the increase of universities and higher education centers has caused the attention of planners and higher education specialists to the issue of curricula which based that can be provided a suitable framework for teaching and learning of students. In today’s higher educational system, attention to curricula goes beyond providing objectives, headlines, content, and teaching methods. This has increased the need for curriculum studies. The establishment of the field of curriculum studies in Iran has a history of thirty years and since the establishment of IACS have passed twenty years. This field is active in most governmental and non-governmental universities. In twenty universities of the country, students are studying in master and doctoral courses of curriculum studies. These statistics show the quantitative and qualitative growth and progress of this field in recent years.

ICSA is one of the most successful scientific associations in the country. For several consecutive years, it has been ranked A in the ranking of scientific associations by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. It covers the level of universities and the executive center, such as Ministry of Education. In addition to numerous researches and studies by the faculty members of this field in the country, various conferences and seminars are held annually according to educational needs in our country. It has more than a thousand online members and has an official branch in some provinces.


Mohammad Javadipour (Ph.D.)

President of ICSA