Report of Second Scientific Meeting with Attendance of: Professor Tetsuo Kuramoto

Scientific Meetings

Report of Second Scientific Meeting with Attendance of:


Professor Tetsuo Kuramoto

Shizuoka University of Art & Culture, Japan

Council of the committee of Japanese Society for Curriculum Study


“Exploring the initiative of the new Japanese curriculum document (2020)”

December 2022


The meeting started virtually with the presence of the keynote speaker Professor Tetsuo Kuramoto, under the management of Professor Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi and accompanied by professors and curriculum experts as well as graduate students of this field at 13:30 P.M. on Wednesday. First, Dr. Mehrmohammadi provided preliminary talks to enter the main discussion and Professor Kuramoto talked about the innovations made in the new Japanese curriculum document. He refers to two key words in this document: Active Learning and Curriculum Management and Collaborative Curriculum with the community and provided complete explanation. Next, they referred to the new standards of the national curriculum of Japan and its advantages, as well as the important educational themes of these standards in the national curriculum. Knowledge management with action research was the second topic of his talk. Finally, he explained the considerations that should be taken into account in the design of lesson plans.

After and at the end of each part of his speech, the questions of the attendees were raised and answered by Dr. Kuramoto, and finally, after two hours, Dr. Mehrmohammadi, while appreciating his presence and valuable speech, summarized the contents of the meeting and answered the questions of the attendees.

Finally, the chair of the commission, while thanking Professor Kuramoto and Mr. Mehrmohammadi; invited the attendees to participate in the upcoming meetings of the commission.