ICSA’S Trip Report to India & South Korea

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ICSA’S Trip Report to India & South Korea

India Trip
In February 2011, the Curriculum Studies Association had its first group study trip to India. In this nine-day trip, universities, scientific centers and institutions related to the curriculum of education and history of India were visited. The companions of this trip were: Mr. Dr. Mahmoud Mehromhammadi, Dr. Mahmoud Amani Tehrani, Dr. Ali Asghar Khareavi , the late Dr. Hossein Daneshfar and Dr. Zahra Niknam.

South Korea Trip
in September 2013, a delegation from the Iranian Curriculum Studies Association, consisting of professors, researchers in the field of education and s students, had the opportunity to study together in Korea. In this trip, academic, scientific, industrial and related management centers were visited in three cities of Seoul, Busan and Jinju. In addition, during this trip, a joint workshop was held with Gyongsang National University in Jinju city entitled ” Education for the Future Society”, and the participants exchanged views and experiences in the field of teaching science and technology and teaching philosophy to children. At the end of the trip, a primary school in Seoul was visited.
Dr. Hae-Ae Seo from Pusan National University and Dr. Mehrmohammadi, Dr. Amani Tehrani and Dr. Ali Jafarabadi were in charge of the planning and coordination of this study trip.
In these meetings the national curriculum, science and technology education, English language education, special education for gifted students, measuring the scientific ability of students, how to write textbooks and evaluate the quality of books, promoting science and increasing the scientific literacy of society, indicators and the criteria for measuring the quality of teaching-learning, the status of educational sciences faculties, specialized subjects and areas, projects and carrying out joint research activities… were discussed.
The members of this team include:
1. Dr. Mehrmohammadi , professor of Tarbiat Modares University.
2. Dr. Amani Tehrani, from Educational Research and Planning Organization.
3. Dr. Ali Jafarabadi from Educational Research and Planning Organization.
4. Dr. Samad Ezadi , from Mazandaran University.
5. Dr. Mohammad Noorian, from Islamic Azad University.
6. Dr. Seyed Mansour Marashi from Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz.
7. Dr. Hossein Qasimpour, from the Department of Textbook Compilation.
8. Dr. Abbas Shekari, from Kashan University.
9. Dr. Ashraf Karimi, teacher of Ministry education .
10. Mrs. Qashqaei, member of Curriculum Studies Association .
11. Dr. Zahra Niknam from Research and Educational Planning Organization.
Some of the visited centers were briefly as follows:
-KICE:Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
-KEDI:Korean Educational Development Institute
– KERIS: Korea Education And Research Information Service
– KOFAC: Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity
– Seoul National University
– Pusan National University
– Gyongsang National University
– Science Gifted Education Center
– Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

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